Happy Birthday Mum / Sto Lat Mamo


Today I wish my MUM a Very Happy Birthday! I won’t be able to see her and so I thought I would send some cakes over. I am pleased with my “baking” and I hope she is delighted with all of her treats especially that they are all totally calorie free! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! Enjoy! x


Dzis zycze mojej MAMIE Sto Lat! Niestety nie bede mogla sie z nia dzis zobaczyc dlatego tez pomyslalam ze jej wysle slodkosci. Jestem zadowolona z moich “wypiekow” i mam nadzieje ze  mame ucieszyly wysmienite niespodzianki szczegolnie ze sa calkowicie bez-kalorii! STO LAT MAMO! Smacznego! x


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum / Sto Lat Mamo

    • Hello,
      when my stitching is finished I press on grade 3 and on steam through linen and place it right side down on a face towel. Bulkiness of the towel does not flatten the embroidery and linen protects it from heat and burning marks. It will get a bit damp – but leave it to “dry” for a few seconds and it will get quite stiff. Then cut it out. Last bit – glue double sided tape in bits round the edges – remove the tape film and fix to a card or whatever surface you are going to stick your piece to… job done! ta for your comment and visit 🙂

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