Tatted butterflies / Frywolitkowe motylki


Back in January I made a New Year’s resolution to try and give my attention to all those crafts I love and those I need to practise. I have dusted off my tatting shuttles and as if by magic a number of butterflies have fluttered into the room … hope you like them … I hope it’s a good start to do more tatting magic this year …


W styczniu obiecalam sobie ze w tym roku znajde czas na te roboti ktore bardzo kocham jak i te ktore wymagaja nabrania wprawy. Odkurzylam moje frywolitkowe czolenka i jak zaczarowane spod nitki wyfrunely motyle … mam nadzieje ze sie Wam podobaja …  ja mam nadzieje ze to dobry poczatek na wiecej frywolitkowej magii w tym roku …


17 thoughts on “Tatted butterflies / Frywolitkowe motylki

    • Hi Ginny, Thank you so much – You should take it up – I started learning a few years back with a DVD I got as a Christmas present, there was no book in the set. I just kept watching that DVD chapter by chapter… then work and studies in the evening sort of got in the way but I am making every effort to get back to it … would be nice to see your butterflies … this pattern is dead easy …

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