Wedding Ring Cushion / Poduszeczka na obraczki




This is going to be very short … my first wedding ring cushion … wedding rings … mine and hubby’s just to help with the photos … got to go … exam next week … hugs to all who are reading and big smiles to all those commenting … see you soon …. xxx




Dzis bedzie krociutko… moja pierwsza poduszeczka na obraczki … obraczki na fotkach moja i meza tak zeby zdjecia jakos wyszly … musze leciec … egzamin po niedzieli … usciski dla tych ktorzy czytaja i duze usmiechy dla tych ktorzy zostawia swoj komentarz … do zobaczenia wkrotce  … cmok cmok cmok




19 thoughts on “Wedding Ring Cushion / Poduszeczka na obraczki

  1. Hello!!Now I see why you liked my cross stitch post….
    😀 Well,I can only tell yoy that,after seeing your beautiful blog,I can only learn from you!You make amazing things and I’m so happy that you jumped by my blog and give me the great honour to meet you! ❤ Happy!!!! 🙂

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