Bloomin’ marvellous… / Interes kwitnie …


July! – time flies when you’re having fun … and this is exactly what I have been doing these last few days creating brooches… I am getting addicted to them…

…on a different note I am trying to build up the courage and open an online shop … and so a question to you … should I take the plunge?

more crafty things coming soon … 🙂



Lipiec! – czas leci jak sie dobrze bawisz … i to jest wlasnie to co ja robilam podczas ostatnich kilku dni tworzac moje brozki … zaczynam byc uzalezniona od ich robienia…

… a tak przy okazji zbieram sie na odwage by otworzyc internetowy sklep … no i tu mam pytanie do Was … mam sie odwazyc?

wiele innych ciekawych rzeczy juz wkrotce …. 🙂








17 thoughts on “Bloomin’ marvellous… / Interes kwitnie …

  1. Take the plunge! What’s there to lose? I felt the same way about my little shop. I’ve only been open for maybe a little over a week and the support from here on WordPress and other social media is the best. These are solo cute by the way. Good luck!

  2. Odwaz sie ! …… I tried to answer in a grammatically correct way but…. well,I think I made a big mess only so just take the plunge! 🙂

    • You did perfect … that is exactly what we would say in my home tongue… 🙂 … thank you … I keep thinking about it and saying to myself – what can go wrong when I feel so passionate about it? x

      • Wow,now I have to figure out how to pronounce what had written…. 😀 😀 😀 I had thought about an online shop too,but here in Italy you must have the VAT number and it is not time for additional expences for us…. maybe the condition in England are better…

  3. Niestety ja Ci nie doradzę, bo się zupełnie na tym nie znam, broszki super. Zamawiam zieloną dżunglę, mogę? buziaki

  4. An alternative to using Etsy or Folsky or whatever would just be to sell things through your own website. I understand it is very easy to add a payment widget. That way you don’t have to pay the middle man – but maybe you don’t meet so many customers.

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