Yasmin’s Cushion / Poduszka dla Yasmin


My goodness – it’s September! I have been madly busy at work – those last few weeks … and it was rather difficult to find time for crafts …  finally, last week I managed to “fork out” some time to make a birthday present for my dear friend Yasmin. I have made her a cushion using colours that will be suitable for her living room. I won’t be with her when she gets my present but I hope she likes it. 🙂



O rany – juz wrzesien! W pracy istny szal – no i trudno bylo mi znalezc czas na robotkowanie-szycie … ale wreszcie w ostatnim tygodniu udalo mi sie “wynalezc” troche czasu zeby zrobic prezent urodzinowy dla fajowej kolezanki Yasmin. Zrobilam jej poduszke w kolorach pasujacych do salonu. Nie zobacze sie z nia w jej urodziny ale mam nadzieje ze prezent sie jej spodoba. 🙂



13 thoughts on “Yasmin’s Cushion / Poduszka dla Yasmin

  1. Oh that’s lovely! I certainly hope your friend likes it, I would love to get something handmade (although everyone seems to think that because I make things, I wouldn’t want to receive hand-made things, for some bizarre reason!)

    • Thank you. I know exactly what you mean … same here it would be lovely but like you I rarely get home made gifts – last I remember I got a fabulous brooch – a friend made it at a local workshop / class. Thinking about it – it must have been 6 years ago al least!

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