A challenging promise / Obietnica z wyzwaniem


This post is for Nora  – who makes fantastic quilts. Want to have a peek at her blog?  – click HERE. Making quilts is something I always wanted to do … but so far I have been a keen admirer and a great project researcher …. I managed to get some tools and books … but as you can see it’s been so long ago that they  were in demand… even the picture faded …



Dzieszjszy wpis jest dla Nory –  ktora robi wspaniale patchworki. Macie ochote zajrzec na jej bloga? – kikajcie TUTAJ. Patchworki sa czyms na co zawsze mialam ochote … ale jak dotad udalo mi sie byc wielbicielem i szukaczem pomyslow … jakis czas temu udalo mi sie zaopatrzyc w narzedzia i ksiazki … ale jak widac to bylo tak dawno… ze nawet zdjecie wyblaklo ….


A few days ago Nora hit the nail on the head by creating a CHALLENGE for the two of us… and so here is my end of the bargain: to make a quilt beginning to end! I am specifically keen on miniature quilts and hoping to start with maybe a “mug rug” until I feel I can get “my teeth” into a larger project. And so to make this work – I am asking lovely Nora – what colours would be ideal for your “mug rug”? Timescale? I am going back to my studies very soon and so Xmas or end of the year should probably be ok. 🙂



Kilka dni temu Nora trafila w sedno sprawy i dala nam obu ZADANIE … i oto moja czesc obietnicy: zrobic patchwork od poczatku do konca! Jestem szczegolnie zainteresowana miniaturkowymi patchworkami i mam zamiar zaczac od moze: makatki pod kubek … az nabiore wprawy by zabrac sie za wiekszy projekt. I zeby wszystko sie udalo mam pytanie do Nory:  jakie  kolory bylyby idealne na Twoja makatke do kubka? Termin? Wracam na studia juz bardzo wkrotce i Boze Narodzenie lub koniec roku  jako termin powinien byc ok. 🙂


Some inspiration from my book / Inspiracje z mojej ksziazki




Thank you Nora for the challenge and encouragement! I am looking forward to see what comes out of this on top of us becoming “crafty friends”.

Nora – dziekuje za wyzwanie i zachete! Juz nie moge sie doczekac zeby zobaczyc co z tego wyjdzie jako dodatek do naszej “robotkowej” przyjazni.






12 thoughts on “A challenging promise / Obietnica z wyzwaniem

  1. Dear Frilka, I think we are already crafty friends. I am so glad you make a mini quilt, and if I understand well you asked my colours? I can’t find the words you are so kind. I like that star pattern in your book very much and the colours also (kind of vintage was my first thought)… and imagine I don’t have a mug rug but always wanted one. But to be honest…I also like surprises, whatever colour or pattern you choose, it will be perfect. I’m taking the chance now too to ask your colours so I can make your mug rug and send it to you with Santa Claus 🙂

    • hello … sounds perfect and you have given me some more ideas! 🙂 …. me … I love earthy colours: greens, browns etc. … sewing room is blue … 🙂 so exciting 😉 x

  2. Of course I know you meant “mug rug” sized mini quilt. I would never use a quilt to eat or drink on it but as a wall hanging or something like this. I just wanted this to let you know. 🙂 Hugz

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