Xmas Card Holders / Wieszaki do Swiatecznych Kartek



Today I am cheating … but only slightly … what I am just about to share with you was made by me last year … but so it happens that my blog was  “born” after the new year and it somehow didn’t feel right to post it then …. so here we go … Xmas card holders ….

pattern is from a magazine … I have changed colours and personalised one of them with names of my niece and my nephew …

…both were sent in the same wrapping paper so that it would be a matter of fate as to who “received” which one … in the end my mum had Santa, my sister got “her kids” …



Dzis czas na male oszustwo … to czym sie dzisiaj chwale zostalo zrobione w zeszlym roku … ale ze moj blog “narodzil” sie po nowym roku zamieszczenie tego wpisu jakos mi nie pasowalo i oto prosze dzis sa  … wieszaki do kartek swiatecznych ….

wzor jest z magazynu … nieco zmienilam kolory i jeden z nich ozdobilam imionami dzieci mojej siostry ….

oba byly wyslane jako prezent zapakowane w tez sam papier no i wola losu … mama dostala Mikolaja siostra zas swoje pociechy …



here is little detail and what they look like with cards mounted … / detal oraz prezentacja z kartkami …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


to finish … my work published in a cross -stitch magazine … / na zakonczenie  … moje prace opublikowane w magazynie …



see you soon / do zobaczenia wkrotce … 🙂


11 thoughts on “Xmas Card Holders / Wieszaki do Swiatecznych Kartek

  1. I only can repeat the comment above. Lovely design and a great idea… a good reason to send and receive cards again in our modern e-mail centered world. I got my first postcard this year…from you 🙂

  2. Such joyful cards. Well deserved congratulations on being Published in the magazine.
    Your mother and sister would be so happy to receive these cards.

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