make a wish… / pomysl zyczenie…



A warm August welcome to all and especially to all my new followers 🙂 … moving swiftly onto the subject of my today’s post … my friend had a wish for an unusual size cushion cover in blue colour …. and you know how I like a challenge … 🙂 … and so this is how this blue cushion cover came to life … all I can say is now is “be careful what you wish for” you  do not know who is listening 🙂



Gorace, sierpniowe witam wszystkim a szczegolnie tym ktorzy ostatnio dolaczyli do mojego bloga 🙂 … nie zbaczajac z tematu dzisiejszy wpis jest o marzeniu mojej kolezanki … poduszka w nietypowym rozmiarze, niebieska … a Wy wiecie jak ja lubie wyzwania … I tak oto powstala ta oto poszewka do poduszki … moge to tylko skwitowac powidzeniem uwazaj o czym marzysz … nie wiadomo kto slucha 🙂







8 thoughts on “make a wish… / pomysl zyczenie…

  1. When I asked Frilka to make me a fusion cover, I could only give her the measurements but I had no idea what I really wanted…but I trusted her creativity having seen the lovely things she made before.
    She asked for my favourite colour and that’s all she needed. A few days later I was so excited to open my little package because I had no idea what to expect and what I found in there put a huge smile on my face : the colour is great and the ‘make a wish’ design is really cute.
    Do I need to say this is my favourite cushion? The material is nice and soft, perfect companion for a little nap and to make wishes 🙂
    Thank you Frilka! Xx

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