Silk and lace / Jedwab i koronka


I was reusing my scraps stash and …. somehow … these hearts have happened! Silk off cut remnants after a bridesmaid’s dress made by my sister in law, lace – one of many trimmings in my ribbon / lace box. I think they came out well – bound to find space for them somewhere in the house and with Valentine’s Day approaching – perfect timing too! Happy Sunday to you all.



Uzytkuje moje skrawki – i tak oto powstaly moje serducha. Jedwab – scinki po uszytej na wesele sukience (szwagierka szyla – scinki dotalam), koronka – jedna z wielu koronek / wstazeczek z pudelka pod tym wasnie tytulem. Mysle ze wyszly ok –  a ze nadchodzi Dzien Sw Walentego – wyrobilam sie w czasie. No i chyba znajde w domu jakis kacik by je wyeksponowac. Zycze udanej niedzieli.




Under the starry sky / Pod gwiezdnym niebem


It’s May and I am super busy … we are moving house soon … some things are packed … some are not … I am sewing when I can and today I have finished this little number – which I called “under the starry sky” – I am pleased with how it turned out and super happy to have saved (or breathed new life into) some old shirts kindly donated by my hubby … what do you think – was it successful recycling? I have enjoyed making it and somehow I think there may be more stars coming from under my sewing machine … enjoy spring turning into summer and warm nights covered in stars … 🙂



Juz maj … a mnie ciagle pogania czas … bedziemy sie przeprowadzac juz niedlugo … co nieco juz w podelkach … ale sporo jeszcze do spakowania … pomiedzy pudelkami … szyje jak moge … i dzis skonczylam ten maly numerek … ktory nazwalam “pod gwiezdnym niebem”- jesetm zadowolona z koncowego efektu ale za to jeszcze bardziej “hepi” z tego ze “uratowalam”(tchnelam nowe zycie w) stare koszule meza … – czy zgodzicie sie ze to recycling z sukcesem? Jak zwykle bylo sporo uciechy … i mysle ze wiecej gwiazdek wyjdzie spod mojej maszyny … radujcie sie wiosna ktora zmienia sie w lato … i cieplymi nocami wyscielanymi gwiazdami … 🙂



Recycling fabric scraps / Przetwarzanie materialowych resztek


It’s March and last week unexpectedly we have had quite some winter … the weather is not really encouraging to go out and on this “lazy” Sunday I am working hard to recycle scraps from baby quilt I made last year. All in all I have noticed 2 things: I am becoming obsessed with cushions and my teddy called “snow” seems to be rather keen on this one too. He actually keeps me company in the sewing room every time we have a project on the go. Not sure what will happen with this cushion … since 2 ladies at work are expecting … it may become a handy gift. Take care and speak soon.



Juz marzec – w zeszlym tygodniu trafila do nas nawet ostra zima … a ze pogoda nie zacheca do wysuniecia nosa z domu ja przeznaczylam ta “leniwa niedziele” na igraszki z maszyna. Postanwilam przetworzyc resztki materialu ktore zostaly mi z patchworka zrobionego w zeszlym roku. Zuwazylam ostatnio ze: mam chyba obsesje na punkcie poduszek i moj mis ktory ma na imie “snieg” chyba jakos polubil ta podusie. Snieg mieszka w “pracowni” i dotrzymuje mi towarzystwa za kazdym razem gdy mamy jakis projekt do zrobienia. Powiem szczerze ze nie wiem co sie stanie z ta poduszka ale ze w pracy 2 kolezanki sie spodziewaja to moze bedzie to “niespodziewany ale latwy prezent”. Pozdrawiam i do uslyszenia juz wkrotce.



New Year’s Resolution / Noworoczne obietnice


My friend Ree was 30 on the 1st day of this year 🙂  … in a casual conversation she mentioned that she is in need of a bag for a yoga mat … having checked my “stock” of jeans that “died” and having some festive free time on my hands – I made for her this little birthday present … you will ask what’s that got to do with New Year’s Resolutions? … I am not planning to be super fit and extra healthy this year … but … I am planning to spread as much happiness and cheer as possible … I am hoping this bag is a good start to a happy and fun  2016! See you soon. 🙂




Moja kolezanka Ree obchodzila swoje 30te urodziny pierwszego dnia tego roku 🙂 … podczas takiej tam rozmowy zdradzila mi ze przydala by jej sie torba do yogowej maty … sprawdzilam moj zasob “umarlych” dzinsow – doddatkowo majac nieco czasu podczas swiat zrobilam jej ta oto urodzinowa niespodzainke … zapytacie co to ma wspolnego z Noworocznymi obietnicami? … nie mam zamiaru byc super wysportowana … ale … mam zamiar rozsiac jak najwiecej usmiechu i radosci  … i tak oto mam nadzieje ze ta torba to tylko poczatek  radosnego  2016! Do zobaczyska wkrotce 🙂




Meet BATholomew /Poznajcie BATolomeusza



It’s October the month of Halloween and today ArchieBAT and ElizaBAT gain a new friend – BATholomew.

He seems to be quite friendly I hope they all get on well otherwise I might become a tad “batty” … I wonder if you like him …

See you soon. 🙂



Pazdziernik – miesiac Halloween no i wlasnie dzis ArchieBAT i ElizaBAT witaja nowego kolege – BATolomeusza. Jak na razie jest przyjacielski i mam nadzieje ze sie dogadaja … bo jak nie to byc moze i ja dostane “nietoperkowy zawrot glowy” … Ciekawi mnie czy sie Wam podoba … Do zobaczyska wkrotce 🙂


Yoga mat bag – tutorial



Last week I was kindly asked by Recycle for Greater Manchester for a tutorial on how to make a bag for a yoga mat – here is the promised post. For technical reasons and to ensure that this post is not massively long the instructions placed below have been written in English only – should any of my readers like to receive Polish version – please let me know.


Finally, hope you enjoy, let me know if you have any further questions.  Please share with me pictures of your bags – I would love to see them and will be happy to create a mini gallery for all my lovely readers to see them too! Happy sewing!



– old pair of jeans with all leg seams ripped open (the pair I have used was actually teenage size so adult pair will be more than enough)

– machine thread in chosen colour

– zip (at least 14 inch long)

– strip of basic calico fabric (longer than planned length of your bag)  + embroidery thread (for embroidery panel, optional)

– cereal bowl

– tailor’s chalk (or tailor’s marking pen)

– pencil

– pins

– basic sewing machine

– basic iron

– bags of enthusiasm

Note: Protect all raw edges from fraying by running a zig-zag stitch – unless you cut out your pieces with pinking shears.




On the panel of calico strip – draw with a pencil / tailor’s pen a number of yoga poses, symbols – anything you like. Once happy hand embroider with chosen thread. When finished wash, leave to dry. Once dry – press flat, then press 0.5 inch side seam to the wrong side of the strip.



To determine how big your bag will be – roll up your yoga mat as you would normally do. Measure the length (which when rolled out is the width of your mat) and the circumference of your mat. From your jeans you will need to cut out rectangular strips of denim fabric. Seam allowances are normally 1.5 cm or 5/8 inch. Make sure before you cut out your strips that they include seam allowances  and slight surplus of fabric. The surplus of fabric is to allow you to get the mat in and out of the bag with easiness.




Find a bowl into which you can insert a rolled mat. If your bowl leaves a thickness of a finger between the bowl and mat – that’s a good size for the ends of your bag. Put the bowl upside down and trace the circle on the denim fabric. Remember that you will need 2 pieces one for each end of your bag. Thickness of your finger – acts here as the seam allowance and the comfort of wear.



To the ends of your zip sew rectangular strips of fabric like on the picture below.



Sew 1 strip of fabric to the zip – placing the raw edge of the fabric with the raw edge of the zip and right sides together. Do the same with the other side of the zip using another strip of fabric.



Place embroidered strip on top of denim fabric away from the zip. Sew the panel onto the denim fabric.



Measure the length of the stitched piece from one end to another. Compare it to the length of circumference –  does it allow for slight comfort of fit? If yes you are ready to saw the piece together to create a tunnel like shape.




Cut a rectangular strip of fabric that will become a shoulder strap. To make a strap you will fold the strip in half and stitch along the long edge. Press the seam and pull inside out. Press again. Your strap needs to be 1.25 times the length of the bag + seam allowance. Line up the raw edges: strap and tunnel – pin and stitch. Do the same on the other end of the tunnel.



Pin one of the bases (right sides together) to the end of the tunnel and stich. Open slightly the zip and pin the other side of the base to the  end of the tunnel and stitch as before.



Open the zip fully and turn the bag inside out. Put your mat in the bag and show it off by taking it to your class.


Thinking “outside” the box / Myslenie “poza granicami” pudelka



I have shamelessly stolen my craft storage solution from Aixie! Her blog is full of inspirational ideas and artistic glamour….

Thanks to her my craft room is getting tidier and jollier with every single box I recycle to store absolutely everything!

If you want to try this too:

1) I pick up empty boxes from a local supermarket (they have a designated area for boxes that customers can help themselves to in my local area … less work for staff to flatten cardboard boxes, an absolute freebie for creative minds to reuse unwanted boxes, less waste and so environmentaly friendly)

2) each box is covered with 1.5 sheets of wrapping paper (again I shop at local markets and a sheet of paper costs between 20p – 35p) … my plan is that each box will be different but all boxes will create a colourful avenue of well stored craft items

3) labels are fixed with “bulldog clips” and so can be easily changed (a pack of 8 costs 80p)

4) glue? – simple glue stick (roughly 50p)

5) fun element and invitation to spend time in my craft room is priceless  🙂 my craft room is still fairly untidy ( I put it down to having artistic mind)  … so for presentable to the outside world pictures you may need to wait … 🙂


Greetings to you all – have a great weekend




Pomysl na przechowywanie moich materialow bezwstydnie ukradlam od Aixie! Jej blog jest pelen inspirujacych pomyslow i artystycznego wdzieku!

Dzieki niej moja pracownia jest nieco bardziej w uladzie i jest zdecydowanie  weselsza z kazdym pudelkiem przerobionym na przechowywanie moich cennych klamotow!

Jesli macie ochote pojsc w moje slady:

1) Puste pudelka zbieram z lokalnego supermarketu (nasz sklep ma specjalne miejsce na “niechciane” pudelka, mniej pracy dla zalogi ktora nie musi ich zgniatac na plasko, dla mnie totalna darmocha, dodatkowo mniej odpadow wiec i pomysl przyjazny srodowiskowi)

2) Kazde pudelko jest oklejone 1.5 arkuszem papieru do prezentow (ja kupuje na lokalnych straganach i arkusz wacha sie od 20p- 35p) moj plan jest taki iz kazde pudelko bedzie inne a razem utworza aleje ciekawie uporzadkowanych materialow do robotkowania

3) etykietki sa przymocowane specjanym klipsem biurowym – wiec moza je szybko zmienic (pudelko 8 klipsow kosztuje ok 80p)

4) klej? zwykly biurowy sztyft jest w sam raz (okolo 50p)

5) elememnt radochy i zaproszenie by spedzic wiecej czasu w pracowni – bezcenne 🙂 moja pracownia jest nadal w nieladzie (ja obwiniam moj artystyczny umysl) i niestety na zdjecia ktore mozna puscic w swiat trzeba bedzie troche poczekac 🙂


Pozdrowionka – milego weekendu


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